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21 Januari 2014

Book Review: Learning Devise for Rails

Now I want to review a book about Rails. The Book's Title is "Learning Devise for Rails".  One of the authors is my Friend Hafiz Badrie Lubis. This is cool, he write his first book in PACKT PUB.

Let's we start the review. First time I want to tell You about Devise. Devise is a flexible authentication solution for Rails based on Warden. It is amazing, we can create authentication module very fast.

We can learn our application authentication from this book. It can create sign up, sign in, update, and delete user. Devise has build-in function for email confirmation module too.

Do you want to connect your web with Twitter or Facebook? This book explain how to authenticate to Facebook and Twitter. It is very simple, Devise handle that.

This book doesn't explain basic of Ruby on Rails, so we must learn it from another book or resource. This book is very thin, so that it can be read in a short time.

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  1. Thanks a bunch, dude!

  2. Maaf mas, bisa minta no.telp pak arifin budiman refleksi? Trims mas


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